Sheri wants to help you make great games!

With 20+ years in game development across a wide range of platforms, Sheri is an experienced developer who would love to help you with your project.

Some of the roles she can help you with include

Pre – Production

  • Distilling client ideas and goals into core game features
  • Development of “pitch” materials to help concept achieve “greenlight”
  • Creative concepts for game structures that support the client’s ideas and goals,
  • Identification of monetization opportunities and development of game structures to leverage them


  • Producer role for full product lifecycle
  • Identification and development of production pipelines
  • Identification of areas where the needs of specific audiences can be addressed and leveraged
  • Trouble shooting for game play and balance fine tuning


  • Design team education and mentoring
  • Greenlight proposals brainstorm

and many more!

Drop Sheri a note and find out how she can help you achieve your game development goals!

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