Zombie Cats and Meretz!

Zombie Cat Studios’ partner Meretz has just been named one of the best Austin startups for 2016! We are excited to be supporting Meretz by providing small games for their players to spend their Meretz points on. You can read more about Meretz here and you can support Meretz AND Zombie Cat Studios by playing our Ice Cube Breaker game on their platform!

Five of the Best Austin Startups that Launched in 2016

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Ice Cube Breaker is live!

We are pleased to announce that Zombie Cat Studios first small game is live! That’s right, you can play our first game exclusively through the MERETZ.COM site.

Meretz.com takes your physical activity from your fitness wearables, apps or other trackers and turns it into points. You can then spend those points playing great games… like our very own ICE CUBE BREAKER! Watch for other Zombie Cat games coming to the Meretz platform soon!

For more information on how you can get your game published on MERETZ.com.. visit MERETZ.com and click on the Developer Information section!

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Zombie Cat Studios is pleased to announce our relationship with MERETZ.COM!

MERETZ.COM is a fantastic new platform and marketplace that takes your activity records from you fitness device, app or wearable and converts that activity into points that you can spend to purchase premium currency and items in your favorite games!

ZOMBIE CAT STUDIOS is excited to be a featured developer for MERETZ.COM! Look for our games on their website!!

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We wouldn’t want to let the cat out of the bag… but the Zombie Cats have been working with a start up here in Austin. Find us at GDC to learn more!

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Summer for the Zombies

Summer time this year in Texas means … rain! We’ve managed to not wash away but have the row boats ready just in case. In the mean time, we code on!

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Spring forward!

Zombie Cats are awaking from their winter torpor and things begin to happen…

A programmer returns to us, the team makes progress forward and art styles are explored!

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Winter chill

Winter is here and it’s cold and raining.. perfect Zombie Cat weather! The Zombies have been busy since the holidays. We look forward to sharing what we know about games and game development with you! Contact us now for help bringing your game idea to life!

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Moving into fall

Many different projects are on the horizon for ZombieCat. It’s so hard to talk about them when everything is NDA’d…  but as we all say, “They are going to be so cool!”

In the mean time, Sheri was recently a speaker at the Bonus Exchange MX-ATX, a business conference to encourage the exchange of ideas between creative business leaders from Mexico and Austin. This was Bonus Exchange’s first time to be in Austin, as it is usually held in Mexico City. The conference was a success and Sheri had the opportunity to speak with numerous exciting business leaders and entrepreneurs.

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Summer Camp Fun!

Sheri will be speaking at a variety of Summer Camps in and around the Austin area this year. One of the things she loves to do is talk to kids about a future in game development! Summer camps are a particularly great way to reach kids and give them a headstart into a great career!

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Back from Sweden

This past month I had the opportunity to travel to Sweden where I spoke at the Gotland Game Conference.

I have to say, I was very impressed by the quality of the work I saw done by the students there! Real imagination and ingenuity going into those games, wow! I think we are going to see great things from those students!


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